EIF Statistics

In recent years Gibraltar has witnessed a steady increase in the number of registered EIFs. As of 31 December 2014 there were 88 EIFs registered in Gibraltar through which roughly £2.5 billion of assets were being managed. This does not include the private funds operating in Gibraltar. Many EIFs are structured as protected cell companies, each with a number of sub-funds or cells, statutorily segregated from each other. Including the various cells in the PCCs, Gibraltar has roughly 180 fund strategies in operation.

Gibraltar EIFs invest globally in a wide range of asset classes. Almost half of Gibraltar’s EIFs are structured as hedge funds investing in tradable securities, commodities and currencies. The remaining funds mainly run real estate, private equity and fund of fund strategies. Non vanilla or exotic investment strategies make up 9% of EIFs. Approximately 1 in 7 funds employ a mixed

Ten licensed fund administrators in Gibraltar administer roughly £3.2 billion of assets in approximately 130 local and foreign funds. Gibraltar fund administrators comprise accountancy firms, specialist fund administrators and corporate service providers. Fund administration in Gibraltar has enjoyed a sharp increase in the number of funds and capital managed since the sector’s humble beginnings in 2006 when only 20 investment funds were administered in the jurisdiction.